Haustbólt is a minor and private similar to Octoberfest, Fallfest, or Autumn equinox. The events begins on the first day Haustmánuðr, which is also on the Autumn equinox, and typical last one day as a Festival of the Harvest.

The celebration marks the end of the harvest, the begin perpetration for winter, and the start of the boilers for brewing of beer. Though mostly celebrated privately within the individual families of the communities, in the tribes of Livet Garden, Elv Torden, and the Skog Magi as well as the city Vanir, the celebration is rather wide spread as they toast to beer among family and friends. Bonfires are lit, and the best cattle are prepared to feed many. At the end of the evening, they throw the bones of the cattle into the fire and tell stories of their summer adventures. The tribes of Elv Toden and Skog Magi, meet at the forest clearing along the Elv av Tårer and pile wood so high the gods could see it. In the city of Vanir, the people will decorate the streets in wreaths of autumn leaves and place pumpkins and other squashes at their doors and in their windows.



Hau 1: Haustbólt (Minor Private: Like Octoberfest [Fallfest or Autumn equinox], 1 day)
Festival of the Harvest; toast to beer.
Special: at end of harvest, on autumn equinox, begin making beer, second harvest, bonfires throwing cattle bones on top


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